San Diego

It started in a garage

It’s hard to believe we finished The Grand Budapest LEGO model two weeks ago.  While we aren’t rolling in a Cadillac- we can’t help but appreciate the sentiment behind the TV commercial praising the companies who first started in a garage.  The list they spout off is inspiring.



We built The Grand Budapest Hotel LEGO model in a garage in Clairemont, a neighborhood of San Diego, just east of the college beach community, Pacific Beach.  The owner of the studio is an architect and her son grew up with LEGO, so they were excited to see what we would design and build in her new studio.




We had two garage doors, a large shade tree adjacent to the studio and a great Pacific Ocean breeze.  Not to mention a fireworks show on Saturday and Sunday at exactly 9:53pm thanks to SeaWorld.

It was a fun space for our friends to visit during the building process.  My uncle came to visit and told us he had once lived in this neighborhood and just down the alley from us is where the band Iron Butterfly formed.  Just another story, that also started in a garage on Luna Ave.